Professional Performance Data

Ubitrack is determined to deliver the next generation of sports performance data to the sports industry!

Out team`s mission is to become the dominant data provider by utilising the full power of Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms with which we automate the data acquisition process.

We partner with Professional Football Leagues to generate abundance of raw data and provide it to the stakeholders in the sports industry.

Ubitrack is responsible for the whole hardware set-up at the stadium. We deliver the cameras, the peripheral electronics and the processing units. We install and calibrate the system. After that we are ready to start extracting data.

Once the system is calibrated the software starts processing the video footage of every match and extracts the performance data about every object on the pitch:

  • Players
  • Ball
  • Referees

By assigning unique criteria to every player at the beginning of the match the system identifies every player individually to provide player data.

Based on their preferences customers can have access to the data directly via an API or they can receive the databases after the match has finished and all data is extracted.

As every customer has their database requirements we establish their needs and deliver the data in the manner which best suits their processes.

Take advantage of the Ubitrack technologies and get reliable and objective performance data!
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