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Performance data acquisition

Advanced optical tracking with ai

Tracking data for both teams

Events data rich with qualifiers

Any format and structure

100% collected data

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of artificial intelligence


We implement state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms to automate the data extraction process, that way guaranteeing high-accuracy, reliability and consistency of the extracted data.


Ubitrack is a one-stop-shop for positions (tracking) and events data. We deliver positions data for both teams allowing for much deeper analyses of a match. Our events data is rich in qualifiers giving you the freedom to assess every detail of the game.


The data is full, clean and comprehensive. Ubitrack can deliver its data in any format and structure for immediate ingestion by analytics tools and platforms. Using Ubitrack`s data one can generate performance reports in a matter of seconds.

Pricing plans

Core package


25 events

Limited qualifiers

Physical statistics

48 hours after receiving the video

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Performance package


25 events

Rich qualifiers

Physical statistics

24 hours after receiving the video

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Champion package


25 events

Rich qualifiers

Physical statistics

24 hours after receiving the video

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Upload your video to any sharing platform like wetransfer, google drive, pcload, etc. and share the link with us using the form.

The video you shared will go through quality assessment and we will get back to you in no more than 24 hours to share what information we can extract from it.

How it works

Share your match video with us

Ubitrack will extract the performance data

Your data is available on the


    Ubitrack uses its proprietary optical tracking system to extract performance data from football matches

    We position cameras around a football pitch and use the camera feeds to extract tracking and events data from the game. We deliver:

    It is our teams vision and aim to deliver:

    so our customers can easily start turning it into invaluable statistics and analyses.

    About us

    Ubistrack was started by a group of people passionate about video processing and sports.

    After applying our skills in numerous industries we realized that our passion and skills can be brought together to improve a hurting part of the sports data and analytics industry.

    We began developing our system with the help and support of local football clubs, the league and the broadcaster. They gave us the necessary network, information and know-how to start building a product which will benefit them all.

    After 18 months of development, prototyping, testing, ups and downs we are finally ready to deliver the next generation of sports performance data. Our desire is to provide to the football industry in-time, reliable and objective performance data.


    Recordings and Tests

    Have a look at the major recordings we have done so far with the tests we performed and the results

    We tested both the hardware set-up and the software at different scenaris to account for variety of cases.