Advanced Optical Tracking

Tracking data for both teamsEvents data rich with qualifiersAny format and structure100% Collected Data


We implement state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms to automate the data extraction process, that way guaranteeing high-accuracy, reliability and consistency of the extracted data.

Positions and Events Data

Ubitrack is a one-stop-shop for positions (tracking) and events data. We deliver positions data for both teams allowing for much deeper analyses of a match. Our events data is rich in qualifiers giving you the freedom to assess every detail of the game.

Seamless Integration

The data is full, clean and comprehensive. Ubitrack can deliver its data in any format and structure for immediate ingestion by analytics tools and platforms. Using Ubitrack`s data one can generate performance reports in a matter of seconds.


  • Full tracking data for both teams and the ball

    Ubitrack delivers tracking data for the players of both teams and the ball. We apply our state-of-the-art optical technology to extract over 4 000 000 tracking points from a single match.

  • Instant and seamless integration with your set-up

    Ubitrack delivers the extracted data via API or even simple JSON files according to your requirements. We make it a point to enhance your workflow, deliver the data in a manner which takes the migration efforts to us and allows you to concentrate on developing your analytics and visuals.

  • Performance reports

    Ubitrack is able to generate detailed reports when you are not already using an analytics tool.


  • 30 events tracked

    Ubitrack tracks 30 event types in a football match to deliver a detailed overview of the individual performance of every player and the team as whole.

  • Rich qualifiers

    Ubitrack delivers an abundant portfolio of qualifiers to the events in order to provide more context and allow for a more precise assessment of player and team performance.

  • Hardware

    Hardware is our responsibility. We survey the stadiums, plan and execute the installation. After that we calibrate and test the system.

    The operation and maintenance of the system is up to us with no additional strain on your personnel.

  • Video processing

    The video footage from all cameras is stitched into one panoramic view which we provide to the teams post-match for video analyses. Our videos cover the whole pitch so no data is lost and no action is missed by your analysts.

  • Data extraction

    Using our state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms all objects on the pitch are recognised: the players, the ball and even the referees. We extract all positions and events data with high-accuracy and detail. This rich data allows for in-depth analyses, giving a superior instrument to the coaching staff.

  • Performance Data

    Ubitrack data is delivered in any format and structure required by the tools you use. The data is complete and clean and is ingested in a matter of seconds, saving your analysts unnecessary work while providing much more and reliable information.

What we do

Ubitrack uses its proprietary optical tracking system to extract performance data from football matches. We position cameras around a football pitch and use the camera feeds to extract tracking and events data from the game. We deliver:

  • millions of tracking data entries for a single match
  • hundreds of events data entries with rich qualifiers
  • combination of events and tracking data for deeper analyses
  • panoramic video footage for extensive video analyses

It is our teams vision and aim to deliver:

  • high-accuracy data
  • consistent and reliable data
  • abundance data
  • in-time data

so our customers can easily start turning it into invaluable statistics and analyses.

Ubitrack in action

Have a look at the major recordings we have done so far with the tests we performed and the results

We tested both the hardware set-up and the software at different scenarios to account for variety of cases.

About Us

Ubistrack was started by a group of people passionate about video processing and sports.

After applying our skills in numerous industries we realized that our passion and skills can be brought together to improve a hurting part of the sports data and analytics industry.

We began developing our system with the help and support of local football clubs, the league and the broadcaster. They gave us the necessary network, information and know-how to start building a product which will benefit them all.

After 18 months of development, prototyping, testing, ups and downs we are finally ready to deliver the next generation of sports performance data. Our desire is to provide to the football industry in-time, reliable and objective performance data.

  • Reliable data

    Ubitrack delivers objective and reliable data. No matter where it is installed it will provide our customers with data they can count on.

  • In-time

    Today’s competitive football scene requires fast decision-making. Our customers receive their data in time to create comprehensive analyses and start preparing for the next match.

  • Abundance of data

    The analytics scene has improved immensely over the past few years. Analytics companies and analysts require more and more data to give edge to their customers.

  • Easy to integrate

    Once the data is collected it has to reach the software which is going to crunch it. Ubitrack is easily to integrate and start working immediately after the collection is done.