for Amateur and Youth Teams

Ubitrack has a system for amateur and youth academy statistics. The system is suitable for 5-a-side games and will soon be able to cover up to 8-a-side games. We did our best to deliver a simple but powerful solution with which to provide a taste of the professional football to the people who simply enjoy the game and want to improve.

Our goal is to deliver Ubitrack technologies to everyone practicing this amazing game.

The teams will receive:

  1. Statistical report about the two teams and the individual players
  2. A panoramic video, covering the whole pitch

The statistics we provide are:
  • Distance covered
  • Speed – maximum, average
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Heat-map of players` positions
  • And more
To provide the panoramic video:
  • we require two videos – each covering half of the pitch
  • implement our proprietary software to make a panoramic view of the pitch and your game.

The teams will receive the panoramic video with the statistics so they can review their game.

In order to get an good video footage from which to extract the statistics one needs:

Ubitrack Software

Ubitrack Bibs

GoPro7 Camera

Ubitrack logo
Ubitrack bibs
GoPro7 camera
If you`d like to use Ubitrack technologies or want to offer them at your sports club, please contact us: