Performance Data Company

Ubitrack is a performance data company. We are developing a next generation optical tracking system which utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. That way we have automated the data acquisition process resulting in high-accuracy, objective data, which is instrumental for sports analytics, performance improvement and fan engagement.

We believe that the application of advanced video processing technologies in sports performance tracking can assist the industry in delivering an even better product and experience to the sports fans.

Our vision is that by delivering reliable data which accurately represents the performance on the pitch is our way of entering the market and having an impact on the industry we are so passionate about.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to get you trustworthy data

Roman Dzhurov

Roman Dzhurov


A successful lawyer with passion for innovation. With Roman in our corner we are confident that the work will go smoothly and we will always reach an agreement with our customers and partners.

Nikolay Tashev

Nikolay Tashev

Business Dev

Our business guy with experience in business and product development. Always ready to try a new approach until we achieve our goals.

  • 2017

    The Ubitrack Team was Formed

    We decided that there is real potential in developing an AI-based system for optical tracking in football and started working on it.

  • 2017

    Installation of Development Camera

    Our first camera was installed at a youth academy pitch for development purposes.


  • 2018

    Recognition and Tracking Algorithms

    We completed our recognition and tracking algorithms and started collecting data from controlled videos footage.

  • 2018

    Data Extraction From Professional Matches

    We recorded a number of professional football matches and collected the performance data from them.


  • 2018

    Our Product is Completed

    Ubitrack is ready. We can now acquire performance data from video footage and deliver it to our customers

  • 2019

    Introduction of the 5-a-side system

    In 2019 Ubitrack developed a 5-a-side system which includes special Ubitrack bibs and a mast which allow for the perfect match recording so our software can extract the performance data for the teams and players.