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The club will receive the best statistics in the First League

“Ubitrack” and “Etar” signed a partnership agreement on January 21. The optical system created by the Bulgarian company was installed at “Ivaylo” stadium at the end of January. It will be usable for the first home game against “Levski” in the First League on February 21. Currently, similar systems are used by clubs in some of the most popular championships in Europe.

Using cameras and artificial intelligence, the technology allows for the generation of large databases on performance, which are of great benefit in football analysis. The sports-technical staff of “Etar” will receive detailed information on passes, duels, shots on goal, distance covered, maximum speeds, sprints, positioning, and much more.

The technology is developed by the Bulgarian company “Ubitrack.” Using artificial intelligence, the system recognizes and identifies the players of both teams on the field, the ball, and the referees from the video material. Cameras are placed around the football field, covering the entire pitch. “Ubitrack” believes that by using the technology in Bulgarian stadiums, the level of local players will improve, and with that, the joy of football fans will increase in the coming seasons.