It is a pleasure to write about this guy. He reaches outrageous new heights on a weekly basis (if only Norway was at the World Cup).

But to the point: Haaland`s agent Rafaela Pimenta has started speculating that Erling might become the first ever player worth 1 billion GBP and there are good reasons for it (by the way the claim was made 10 goals ago). As reported by MSC Pimenta believes that given his performance, image and sponsorship values, the man is worth a billion pounds.

We should all be sceptical about that valuation. After all that is his agent, but it is 3 months later and Haaland has netted 10 more goals (including a hat-trick). The BBC added some context with statistics as to how amazing this guy really is. It is the middle of the season yet he has scored more goals than last year`s Golden Boot winners Son Heung-Min and Mohamed Salah with 23 goals. With this tally, he would have won the price in more than half the 30 campaigns of the Premier League so far.

He has already matched Alan Shearer`s 1995-96 season goals when he won the Golden Boot and is 9 goals away from the all time Premier League high of 34 goals set by Alan Shearer for Blackburn (1994-1995) and Andy Cole for Newcastle (1993-1994).

Haaland already has more hat-tricks than Cristiano Ronaldo and the same number as Mohamed Salah in the English top flight. It is exiting to see how many games it would take him to reach Harry Kane`s 8 and Sergio Aguero`s 12 hat-tricks.

BBC also mention how Erling has more goals than a handful of teams in the Premier League. Even more at the moment he has scored more goals than 51 teams in the Top5 leagues in Europe (England, Italy, Germany, Spain, France) out of 98.

Generally speaking it is only natural for agents to inflate the valuation of their clients. The more valuable a player, the more money they make. So we should have that in mind when we consider such statements. In this particular case though, it is hard not to believe that someone might actually pay a billion for Haaland should he continue with this performance.