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A few months have passed since we launched Ubitrack and we found a number of possible improvements. There were a lot of them and we decided that we will do our best to perform as many of them as possible in a single recording. In order to do that we needed a lot of new equipment. Thanks to the Vasil Levski National Stadium management and CSKA1948 management we were permitted to do the tests. We deployed our hardware set-up and managed to conduct a lot of tests.

Right now we have terabytes of video footage to go through and our technical team are having the time of their lives.

We will publish our findings when we are done with the assessment.

We believe that there is a lot or room to improve our set-up and therefore the results we deliver. An even better precision in the performance data we collect will benefit our customers even more.


We wanted to test possible hardware optimisations for improved:

  • hardware set-up with less fail points
  • video quality for higher performance data accuracy


We decided to set-up more cameras and different recording options to identify the optimal one. To that end we:

  • used different camera settings and new lenses to test new cases
  • split the RAW signal from the cameras to a number of recording devices


We now have a few TBs of video materials from the match and it was uploaded to our servers. The videos will go through our algorithms and the most promising cases will be further explored.

There will be a lot more recordings before the end of the season.

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