Mbappe Speed and Technique

Outstanding speed and technique by Kylian Mbappé

When Mbappe signed a new deal with PSG after all the rumours and alleged offers from Real Madrid a log of critics expressed concern if he is that good of an investment. Fortunately for the Paris Saint-Germain management that young player is proving his worth at every step. 

Just last season he achieved a max speed of 38 km/h as reported by Apex. Our colleagues explain in detail the situation where Mbappe achieved that speed. He not only reached 38 km/h but managed to control the ball at that speed and convert all this effort into a goal. 

With his achievements so far and his very young age, this is a player who has the talent to bring to Parc des Princes the eluding Champions league tittle the owners of the club so feverishly want.

As this player grows in experience and skills we can only expect even better performance in both physical and technical level.

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  1. Vistara
    Vistara says:

    Thanks for sharing this incredible update on Mbappe’s speed and technique! It’s truly mesmerizing to witness a player like him pushing the boundaries of the game. His dedication and talent are undeniable, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Kudos to Ubitrack for keeping us informed with such exciting news! 👏⚽️


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