Happy New Year

It has been some eventful two months since we launched our system and we encountered a lot of interesting and limited cases which affect player and ball tracking.

These are the cases which affect the accuracy of the data and essentially make the difference for the data users. Ubitrack is determined to be at the forefront of sports optical tracking. Because of that resolving private cases and achieving unprecedented optical tracking quality is part of our mission.

In order to overcome these challenges we have planned advancements in our software as well as our hardware design in order to deliver the best possible quality. The system will be much more optimised so we are able to achieve higher productivity while maintaining the affordable hardware set-up. We are of course taking into consideration advancements in recording equipment and considering the opportunities they present in front of us. That of course will be the subject of another article down the line. In terms of software there are two ways to go about these problems:

  1. Improve the existing features
  2. Develop new ones

Improving what we already have is a continuous process. One which we plan to execute for a long time and naturally will frequently inform you about our progress.

Creating new ones is the interesting part. There are situations where the existing software can only do so much so we have to give it a buddy to tackle the problem together. These are the easy tasks. But we encountered situations which were just too isolated. For these situations we developed separate features and additionally a process to identify them. A simple sequence:

  1. a situation which cannot be resolved by the basic features occurs
  2. a process to assess and identify the situation is triggered
    1. the situation is familiar to the system and a corresponding feature is activated
    2. the situation is not familiar to the system therefore it is logged to be further investigated

There are going to be some exciting new developments in this quarter and we will keep you updated at all times. Check our news page regularly to be informed.

At any point we would be happy to hear your comments and answer all of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.