CSKA1948-Botev match
CSKA-Sofia vs Levski match
Ubitrack at Bulgarian Army Stadium

Ubitrack Products

Advanced Performance Data

Ubitrack is dedicated to implementing its automated data extraction technologies to provide objective, consistent and reliable data to the sports industry.

Our services have evolved and we can now service the amateur market as well as the professional football.

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Professional Football

Next Generation Performance Data

Ubitrack has adopted the mission to become a major football data provider. Our goal is to partner with professional football leagues to deliver consistent and reliable performance data to the stakeholders in the industry. We are aware of the poor condition of the raw data available nowadays. Because of that we developed our optical tracking system with the specific purpose of acquiring clean, comprehensive and consistent data.

Ubitrack extracts millions of raw data entries from each match with high-accuracy thanks to the Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms implemented in our system. We remove the human factor in the data extractions which negates the possibilities for human error and provides objective and consistent results each time.

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5-a-Side Football

Improve as a Player and Team

Ubitrack is proud to present a system for 5-a-side – amateur and youth teams. Usually new technologies are initially available for the big professional users as they can afford the high costs. But because of our team`s hard work and the rapid advancements of recording technologies and products we are able to provide the amazing power of Ubitrack`s Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms to the amateur and youth market.

Our system relies on recording with two consumer cameras and using our special bibs. It is a cost-effective solution for amateur and youth players to get professionally extracted statistics, evaluate their performance and improve individually and as teams. We have chosen the cameras and designed the bibs for durability.

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