Ubitrack camera at a football match
Ubitrack`s camera recording
Ubitrack`s equipment
Ubitrack at Bulgarian Army match

Data Delivery Steps

The first step is to secure the video footage. Ubitrack has little but crucial requirements about the video footage. The different video recording practices we have encountered so far have been suitable for performance data extraction in almost all cases

Once the video footage is available the data acquisition software can be applied. That can be done either on-site, or the video can be sent to Ubitrack and we will return the collected data.

The AI algorithms for object recognition, identification and tracking are applied, extracting the performance data of all players and the ball.

The collected data can be easily sent in a variety of formats to the customer for their analytics needs.

Ubitrack is an optical tracking system utilising the latest advancements of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to deliver high-accuracy, reliable performance data. We have built our expertise with the help and support of football professionals who see the benefit of our product to their work. We took into consideration the opinions and advises of head-coaches, analysts, training practice experts, players and broadcasters in order to build a system with as much value to the industry as possible.

We made it:

  • Automated – Ubitrack has automated the data collection processes as much as possible. That way it is more accurate, faster and more cost-efficient than the solutions presently on the market.
  • Flexible – We quickly realised that we could extract the performance data from a variety of match formats of professional, semi-professional, amateur and youth teams. We developed Ubitrack with the clear vision that it should be applicable to different video materials generated with different equipment. Ubitrack can be applied to official football matches as well as training sessions of  grown players and your academies alike.

For over a year now we have been in working on a solution which will benefit as many professional and amateur football athletes as possible. Our hardware requirements can be satisfied with easily available common hardware. Our own hardware set-up is easy to achieve and is cost-effective. We made our video requirements as simple as possible so we are able to extract sports data for as many footballers are possible and help them assess and improve their skills.

Object recognition

Our algorithms recognise all objects on the pitch – the players, the ball and the referees

Player tracking

We track uninterruptedly all players and the referees for the duration of the match

Ball tracking

Special algorithms were developed to track the ball, because of its size and movement

Team separation

The teams are separated based on their kits. The same algorithms are applied to separate the referees

Player identification

Individual criteria are assigned to all players for unique identification

Type of data we deliver

  • Positioning data

    We provide positioning data about all objects on the pitch – the players, the ball and the referees. Ubitrack provides X/Y/Z data, meaning that the exact position on the ground at in the air are known.

  • Eventing data

    With the development of Ubitrack we will be able to deliver eventing data as well. That data includes free kicks, corners, through-ins, fouls, shots, etc. We will keep you up-to-date about the development.

  • Body direction data

    Ubitrack identifies the body direction of the players which is important for analytics purposes.

Get Football Performance Data from Ubitrack

If you are interested in extracting performance data from your videos using Ubitrack, please send us sample videos from a match of yours and we will send you back the extracted performance data.
For optimal tracking please make sure your videos:

  • are from stationary cameras
  • are at least full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • cover the whole pitch. Using multiple cameras is perfectly fine