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We optimised our data extraction process with a few more modules and it was time to put it to the test. As we were processing more and more match video footage we encountered a few cases where we needed to put some additional work so we can keep high accuracy. It was some interesting weeks and we had a stable version to test. Thanks to our friends from the Vasil Levski National Stadium and CSKA1948 we were able to record a football match and implement the improved software. We replicated as many of the specific cases as possible, as many times as possible. To that end we choose a specific match with specific conditions so we can bring out the worst cases we may encounter. In the end we got video footage with a lot of challenging situations and events. We implemented the Ubitrack performance data collection software on the footage and waited for the outcome. The resulting performance data met our expectations. We successfully overcame these challenges and are now moving forward.


Testing our improved software for data extraction. In the past few months we identified a few areas where we should optimise our extraction process and put our efforts into that. So it was time to see how much we had improved.


We prepared our gear and went to the Vasil Levski National Stadium to do a recording. We chose this match and this day as it presented a few challenges which we had worked to solve.


The improvements we had developed performed well and the results were as expected. We successfully extracted the performance data from the challenging situations while maintaining high accuracy of the collected sports data.

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